Friday, August 20, 2010

OMG! I am so ready - and so nervous!

Well, I can't believe Monday is almost here!!  I have looked over my plans over and over and over again and I think I am ready :-)  It is going to be an exciting adventure and I can't wait!

I feel official now - I made a teacher card.  (I blurred out address and phone information on the pic below to protect us).  Do I look official??  LOL!

The boys will be making their id cards as part of their first day of school activities on Monday.

I am also excited about tomorrow night!  We will be going to the kick off meeting for the homeschool organization in our area that we are wanting to get involved with.  Both Daniel and I are nervous because we don't know a soul!  In fact I am going to have to pull Daniel by his ear to get him to go but I need his support more than ever tomorrow night!  It is exciting to see what this group holds.  We will hopefully be learning more about the co-op classes that they will do twice a month for the kids, along with other activities planned for the group.  I will be WAY out of my comfort zone going somewhere where I don't know anyone...but I have to in order to be able to meet them and get to know them.  I pray this is the right group for us!  I really have a very good feeling about it!  If you think about it though just pray that God will help me with my nerves!  :-)

Have a great day and a great weekend!  I'm going to try to relax so that I will be ready come Monday morning!


  1. I am following your blog now and love it. Can you come check out my new one? It is


  2. We homeschool but haven't done the "cards" yet. Is there an actual benefit to these are do you do them just for fun? (I know some stores will give you teacher discounts ...actually there's ONE in our area. ha) But, are there any other benefits? Thanks!

  3. Ashley - the main reason why I feel a teacher card is good is for the teacher and educational discounts at various stores...many bookstores and craft supply stores offer discounts for teachers. And this past weekend Big Lots offered discounts to any teacher presenting a teacher id card.

    The main reason for doing the cards for the kids is due to safety reasons. Times are becoming scarier and when we are out in public during the week, during public school hours, I want my kids protected. The cards show that they are homeschooled. And as they get older they will be able to use them for student discounts as well...but the main reason is for their safety.