Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Are Ready!

Hey everyone!!  I can't believe the time has finally come!  Seth starts kindergarten on Monday!!  OMG!!  I am so excited but so nervous and so scared!!   But I'm ready to be the best teacher for my kids that I can be!

We have been super busy getting everything ready!  First off - we built a schoolhouse!! We took my husband's wood shop and converted it into a school house!  I am so excited to have this set apart space!  It is a space specifically for school and it is separate from the house so that when we are doing school we can concentrate on school and not get distracted by the thousand other things in the house that need to be done.

Here are some pics of our new school house!

Seth's curriculum has been chosen and prepped - we are doing My Father's World kindergarten curriculum!  I am so very excited!!

I am also very excited about once again getting active in making posts for the blog.  I can't tell you yet how often posts will be made because I don't know exactly how our schedule is going to go yet...we are just going to dive in and see how it goes :-)  But I am planning on doing at least one post a week...a wrap up post if nothing else.  If you have followed my personal blog in the past there really is no need to...at least for now...right now I am just going to concentrate on this one blog...but it makes sense since schooling is fixing to become our life :-)

Oh- we are also getting involved with a homeschool organization in our area that I am so excited about!   We will be doing co-op classes, monthly park days, field trips, etc...you will be hearing more about that on here as well!

I am so excited to get started!!


  1. What a cute little schoolhouse!

  2. Good for you, Kellie! Looking forward to hearing how things go because I've signed up to follow you. :^) Your blog design is lovely, by the way, and I love your separate school room. :^)

  3. When I saw that shed I thought NO WAY but Oh my!! That is a brilliant idea!!!! Im looking to purchase a house in about 5-6 years and will still be homeschooling then. Im going to have to remember this so I can set up a schoolroom like this. Great idea!!

  4. Oooh, I love the little schoolhouse! Although, our "school" is so much split up throughout the day still that it wouldn't quite work for us BUT it's still majorly cool. Sometimes I wish I had a space like that...for me. Hahaha