Monday, August 22, 2011

Patterns, Stories and Cars!!

Today started our first "full" week of school. By full week I mean a 4 day week because we decided that we don't do school on Fridays. Why? Because we homeschool and we make the rules - LOL!  :-)

In math we are concentrating on learning about patterns.  The kids enjoyed watching a Math Monsters video on patterns and then we pulled out our big box of foam shapes and made patterns with them.

One of Seth's pages in his math book wanted you to draw hearts to finish the pattern for each line.  I decided to make it a little bit more fun for him and had him glue foam hearts on to finish the pattern.  He really liked doing that and did very well with it. :-)

While he was working on that Alyssa and Aaron enjoyed gluing some foam shapes on paper and coloring their paper.

 (oh how I wish I knew what was going on in Aaron's head sometimes - he looks like he is thinking hard about something don't he?)

The other day I was at a teacher supply store with a couple of friends and came across a book on how to draw characters from the Disney Cars movies!  I knew instantly that this was something my boys would enjoy and would provide good lessons on paying attention and following directions!

Well today we decided to draw our first picture from this book.  Here is a picture of the one I drew on the white board (I had them follow my instructions and draw on their paper what I drew on the white board as we went along)
(yep he's a bit short and a bit fat...but I still thought he turned out pretty cute)

(can you tell how much Seth enjoyed doing this?!?!  Love that face!!!)

Alyssa even enjoyed "drawing" with us.  (She decided she wanted to sit on top of her desk)

Here is Seth's finished car!  I was very pleased at how well he did!!!!  He was too!! :-)

One of the kids favorite parts of our school day is story time!  We all sit in the floor and I read stories to them.  Today we read some Dr Seuss books!!  :-)  (and yes we school in our pajamas - we like it that way!)

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