Friday, August 26, 2011

She's Loving Reading!!

Alyssa's favorite part of school time has been our story time!  She gets so excited when she sees me grab the books that I want to read to the kids for the day and head over to sit on the floor in our reading corner :-)  (speaking of I have some ideas rolling around in my head of making an actual reading corner in our classroom...just got to figure out best way to do it since our space is a bit limited).

Anyways, as most probably already figured out, we don't do school on Fridays.  Starting in September we will have co-op classes with our homeschool group every other Friday and we decided it would just be best to not school the other Fridays either.  Fridays are our off day!

Well today there isn't much going on.  I am working on lesson plans and finding books to go with our math and science subjects through the year (since our library doesn't have over half the books on the recommended reading list).  Anyways,  I heard Alyssa mumbling in the background as I was working at the table.  When I turned my head I saw that she was up on the couch "reading" a book!!!

She was so cute about it too!  She was getting very animated with her voice (like I do when I read to them) and was really enjoying her book!  Hopefully this is beginning for her for a love of reading!

And as I was uploading that photo I realized I took another photo yesterday that I thought I would share.  This is a picture I snapped at the beginning of class yesterday.  I have found over the past couple of days that it works real well to have Aaron and Alyssa do their little workbooks while Seth is doing his daily folder (that has his calendar and number of the day worksheets).  I thought it was such a cute sight to see them all working so hard!  :-)

Have a great weekend!!


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