Monday, August 29, 2011

Our New Story Corner

Saturday morning Alyssa and I did some work in the schoolhouse :-)  We decided to make a Story Corner for us all to enjoy our story time.  I rearranged my bookshelves so that all my books were together on the bookshelf in the back corner of the schoolhouse.  I brought out a play mat that I made when Seth was a baby and we brought out pillows for us all to sit/lay on so that we could be nice and comfy during story time! 

Here are pictures I took today when I introduced the corner to the kids.

 They are all on their pillows ready to be read to :-)  (I use the big white bunny as my cushion...he makes a very nice cushion LOL!)
 Here is a more overhead view so you can see the cute hippo mat that we all sit around.
 Here you can see our many books that we have started accumulating  (and we have about that many more on the bookcase in the boys' bedroom)
 Right now I am putting the library books in a blue bin on top of our filing cabinet.  But I had a friend that mentioned the idea of keeping them in a rolling suitcase...that way they are easy to carry around (because we get so many) plus I can keep them safe from Alyssa... I am really thinking about this idea...just have to figure out where to find a cheap rolling suitcase.
 They are really excited about their story circle!

We read Dr Seuss's I can Read with My Eyes Wide Shut since it talks about all the many things you can learn about by reading books and I talked to them about how important reading is in school and that I want them all to grow a love for reading because reading really opens up your imagination and you can learn so much by reading.  I told Seth that we would be reading a lot of books to help him learn his math and science concepts this year.

Another thing I wanted to mention today is how much Seth is enjoying The Complete Book of Math.  I have really heard conflicting reviews on this book as part of the MFW curriculum but am finding, at least so far, that the activities of this book are capturing Seth's attention.  (of course we are only on the first concept of patterns but by scanning through the rest of the book I really think he is going to enjoy the whole book).

I am already finding though that the big bucket of foam shapes that you can get at Wal-Mart is really coming in handy!

I am finding that the foam shapes have worked well in completing the worksheets where he has to complete the pattern.  For him I find that he has more fun gluing shapes than drawing and coloring them. And the small shapes in the bucket are about the same size and same color as the shapes on the page so it works out perfectly.  (the shape bucket did not have star shapes in it so we used star stickers for them)

And one last thing I want to share today - Seth has memorized his first Proverb!!  I got a video this morning of him reciting Proverbs 9:10 that I thought I would share.  

(If you are viewing this post through email then you will need to go to the actual blog to see the video.)

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