Monday, October 3, 2011

The Schoolhouse - Rearranged AGAIN!

I have once again rearranged my school room - LOL!!! But seriously, I LOVE this new set up!!! It gives us even more space for our reading corner, and makes my desk more functional for me!! YAY!! It has taken a lot to figure out the best use of my space, but I believe I have come a LONG way with this new set up!!

Here are pics for your viewing pleasure :-)

As you can see I have moved my desk to the back corner (this is the back wall where the bookcases used to be). That way I can be at my desk with my planner and teacher's manual as I am teaching Seth. I was having a problem trying to figure out where to put my stuff during our teaching session. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner!

Here is the other side of the back wall. You can see that bookcase has been moved as well. I put a white board there in case we need one during time in the bean bags. You can also see that the monitor is mounted on the way (below the kangaroo) so kids can enjoy videos while sitting on their bean bags. I also have a wireless mouse and keyboard so I can show them powerpoints and other things on the computer from this story corner!

Here are the kids enjoying watching Leap Frogs' 'The Letter Factory' while sitting comfortably on their bean bags! LOVE IT!!!

The bookcases were moved to where the desk used to be! Can you see from these pics how much of a better use of space this is??

I was able to get this accomplished on Saturday and we have LOVED our first day of school with this new set up! YAY!!

Until next time,

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