Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making Reading Fun

We are about waist deep in phonics rules right now!  Our English language has so many rules!  Seth has been feeling a bit bogged down with them as well lately so I have been doing my best to do what I can to make it fun!


I found on Pinterest how you can make a magic wand e!  Seth loves this thing.  I forgot to get a picture of ours so here is the picture from Pinterest.  But you can put up a word that has a short vowel such as mad and then put the magic wand e at the end - the e doesn't say anything but it does magic on the vowel and makes it say it's name!

I have also started telling stories about the letters to help him remember the rules.  We started this with the rule of when you have a w before or the or make the /er/ sound.  I started off the story telling him how or was walking along having a grand ol day and very comfortable in their /or/ sound until one day the w met up with them.  W was such a funny looking letter and they were so caught up in how funny looking w was that they forgot their sound and started making the /er/ sound.  W confused them for some reason.  

Today we did the igh sound.  So the story of these letters was that gh was walking along having a happy day when i decided to join them!!  They were so scared of i they couldn't say anything!  Because of the fact that they wouldn't say anything i had no choice but to say his name!  

As I have been telling the stories I have been drawing out the stories on the board with the letters and Seth has been loving them! I think it is helping the rules to stick too!  (in fact I am thinking about going back and making up stories for some of the others to see if that will help with those as well!)

Pinterest does have a lot of poems and games for some of the rules as well to help!  (told you I was addicted to Pinterest - LOL!)  But I am just trying to do my best to keep Seth interested!

I do have to add this in though - he is still loving the pathways workbook (and I really do love their approach to reading...Seth doesn't feel near as bogged down with that curriculum - I hope it stays that way - we have only just begun).  He has also started book 1 of Explode the Code and he is liking that approach as well!  My thinking is that the MFW curriculum will do a good job of introducing these rules but the Pathways and Explode the Code will help cement them into his brain.  :-)

1st Grade is quite a challenge!  (I should be a pro by the time I do it with Alyssa - LOL!!!)

Until next time,

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