Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Advent Calendar Days 20-24 & A Little Catch Up

Ok, so we kind of fell off the wagon at the end of our advent calendar :-(  Remember last post I said I ended up sick on Day 19 :-( Well, it kind of just threw my whole week off...

And I just realized that I didn't even get a finished picture of our puzzle or our nativity scene before I took Christmas down - good grief!!

Oh well... what can you do.

On Day 20 we did do our Snowman pancake dinner that I planned :-)  I still wasn't feeling too good but pancakes sounded really good so I did accomplish it.
 (they were blueberry pancakes - YUM! - I used blueberries for the eyes and buttons and scrambled eggs for the snow and bacon for the scarf)

Day 21 we had a wedding at church and then church service afterwards and the kids went on stage and heard Bro Waymond tell the Christmas story - so I guess our activity for that day was 'Listening to the Christmas Story'.  :-)

Day 22 was a fun day for ME!  I got to go get my nails and toes done, hair trimmed, lunch and shopping with a dear friend, NO KIDS :-)... oh...wait..am I hearing you right??  You say this whole advent thing is suppose to be about the kids?? Oh...well they had a super fun day too :-)!!  They got to spend the day with Granny!  :-) 

Day 23 - the boys got to go running errands with Daddy and Papa while Alyssa and I cleaned out her room to make room for her Christmas presents that would soon be coming :-)  Then the kids then went and spent the night with Granny and PaPa - a real treat for them!

Day 24 we had Christmas with Granny and PaPa and came home and finished adding our puzzle pieces and manger pieces!

So I guess we didn't do too bad these last days...even though it wasn't what I originally had planned - we did have a focus of Christmas every day - and that is what counts, right?!?!  :-)

I thought I would throw in a few pictures from Christmas Day - Daddy and the boys had a lot of fun at the kitchen table playing with the Legos that Seth got for Christmas!

Well - we had a very good Christmas!!  Definitely made memories this year!

This week we are not back in school quite yet.  I am doing some reorganizing and changing around of some of our curriculum and stuff.  I have made a decision to not continue with the reading portion of My Father's World...after much praying and debating and agonizing I realize it is just not working for us.  But I feel very good with my decision and feel very good about continuing on using Pathways.  I am also making some math changes and some others as well.  I will explain all my changes next week!  But for now I need to get back to my planning!

It's nice to start a new year!  I pray that 2012 is a GREAT year for all my friends and family!!  I am excited to think of all the memories there are to be made this year :-)!

Until next time,

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