Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Homeschool Day At the Dallas Zoo

Yesterday the kids and I attended Homeschool Day at the Dallas Zoo!!  It was a very fun day!!  The weather could not have been more perfect!!  It only reached a high of 74 I think...clear skies with no rain!!

This was my first time to the Dallas Zoo since before any kids were born!!  When I had been before I was not impressed at all!!  I felt the enclosures were to0 small and the whole place just stunk!  But in recent years they have done some MAJOR renovations and I have to say that I was VERY impressed yesterday!!  So much so that I am considering purchasing a membership for our family!!  This could be such a great resource for us!!

For homeschool day we got in for only $5 a person and I also signed the kids up for a backpack ($5 each) that had binoculars inside!  They were SO EXCITED about those!  We also purchased tickets to an animal adventure show where zoo keepers brought some of the neat animals of the zoo out and told us all about them as we got an up close view of them.

Anyways - I thought I would share some pictures from our fun day!! (this is just a small sample of over 100 pics I took yesterday LOL!)

 The kids LOVED the binoculars!!  They used them all day!

 For some reason the larakeets loved my hat and hair!!  They landed on my head several times!!  (they probably liked the shiny grey hairs LOL!!  There was plenty for them to see!)

 We all agreed that the rhino was the stinkiest animal in the zoo!

 We took a break waiting on our animal adventure show and worked on some zoo worksheets that I printed out for the kids.

 Alyssa's favorite animal in the show was the boa!! YIKES!!  She came home that night telling me she wanted a snake!!!  Don't think that's going to happen!

 Probably one of the neatest things was getting to pet the giraffe!!

It is hard to believe that TODAY my Alyssa turns 3 years old!!  OH MY!!  Where has the time gone?!?!

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  1. What fun! When we've been down there, we always go to the Fort Worth Zoo, but have never been to the Dallas Zoo. We'll have to put that on our agenda next time around. :^) Oh...have you been to the Dallas Aquarium? It's awesome; I really think your kids would love it!