Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Should this change to monthly?? LOL!

Ok - so my weekly wrap up posts are not happening on a weekly basis at all!!  This is sad!! The reason why I am trying so hard though to update this blog is that at the end of this 1st grade year I am turning all these posts into a photo yearbook for Seth!!  I am hoping to do this for the kids every year.  So, I am not just trying to keep my friends up to date with what is going on....bnt this is my record for our school happenings for my kids to cherish for years to come!

Anyways - we are still trucking along!  Since my last wrap up post we spent a weekend at Fairfield State Park.  I did an extensive post on that weekend on my RV blog.  You can click here to check that out if you want.

We also enjoyed a fun day at the Dallas Zoo!!  Click here if you missed that post!  :-)

Seth is still trucking right along with his Pathway readers and is doing a phenomenal job!!!  If we keep on track we will be finished with the 1st grade readers in 4 weeks!!!  WOW!!!  We will continue working on our Climbing to Good English workbook through the summer and I am also very excited about having Seth do the Summer Reading Program with the Waxahachie library this summer to continue his reading through the Summer!

We are fixing to be finished with the Complete Book of Math book as well!!  I am currently researching what to do for Math for next year and have several different curriculums I will be closely looking at when I am at the homeschool bookfair in a few weeks.

He is steadily improving his handwriting as well!  He finally got serious about it when I started counting off on his worksheets for poor handwriting.

This last week was quite a crazy week!!  After the zoo on Monday it was very hard trying to get the kids back into school!  It was a pretty rough three days of school.  And then on Thursday I had my iphone in my pocket when I was going to the restroom and it fell in the toilet!!!  It was not the best of times with me because I freaked out!!  I realized that day how attached I am to that silly thing!!  I put it in a bag of dry rice but really did not have any hopes of it being ok!!  And after that point it seemed like EVERYTHING went bad for the rest of the day!  That is until some very dear friends of ours decided to surprise us!!  They had decided to try the sushi in our small town (yes hard to believe you can get really good sushi out in the middle of nowhere LOL) and while they were waiting on their order to be completed decided to come by and say hi!  Well we decided to order sushi as well and they stayed and had dinner with us!  We then had fun doing some target shooting and ended the evening making smores with my butane torch!! LOL!!!  So my day didn't end near as bad as it started!!  And - I found out that night that my phone STILL WORKS!!!!

Friday we had a fun day at co-op and then played with some friends afterwards.  Then Saturday we went to the Bluebonnet Festival with friends and then to the garage sales going on in the Maypearl area!!  I really racked up on some clothes for Alyssa and a few for me too :-)  It was a fun day!!

Alyssa was so excited when she got to ride a rainbow pony!

Our garden is going well!  And our catapillar made it's chrysalis!!  Any day now it should be emerging as a butterfly!!!

And I had to share this super cute picture of the boys swinging!!  It just cracks me up!!

Hopefully this will be a good week!!!!  :-)  Lots to do!  I am figuring out curriculum for next year, or at least what I want to research at the bookfair so that I can make a decision :-)  I am also working on getting my house back into some kind of order and, of course, I have some garden tending to do this week as well!!

We are also working on planning VACATION!!  I think I have figured out where we are going to go and hopefully in the next couple of days we can get dates nailed down and reservations made!!  WHOO HOO!!!

Until next time,

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