Monday, April 30, 2012

Our butterfly!!

Seth got a caterpillar in his co-op Biology class that we have had so much fun watching turn into a butterfly!! The kids are ready to get more caterpillars and do this again!! Here are pictures of our experience.

We brought him home on April 6th. Here are some pictures I got on the 9th of him in his cup and his cup in the butterfly net garden.

That weekend we went camping and we did not want to miss anything with his progress so we transferred him to a jar. These pictures were taken on April 12th.

Here was his home in the camper for the weekend. He just hung out and ate!

Here is a picture I got on April 16th! I think he sat on his mound of food ALL DAY that day just eating and getting fatter and fatter! I told the kids that he would be making his chrysalis soon!!

On the morning of April 18th we noticed that he had started putting his webbing on the side of the jar and was hanging in a j shape! He was getting ready!!

When we got home from church that night the chrysalis had formed!!

Then on April 27th, while Daddy and I were on a date the butterfly emerged! Thankfully the kids were at our house with Papa so they got to see it emerge!! Here are the pics I took once I got home.

Then on Saturday April 28th we took him up to Granny's house so that she could see him and we set him free!! I didn't get any pictures of him being set free because I was too involved in doing that! He hung on to the twig forever before he decided to take flight!!

But here was a picture I did get of him in the jar on the way to Granny's!! It is a beautiful view of those very colorful wings!!

This was such a neat experience! We cannot wait to do it again!!

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