Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Fun Summer Day

Don't you just love Summer?!?! Of course the outside temp gets just a little too hot for my taste but that is why we have swimming pools!!

We had a fun Summer day in our house.

We had storytime this morning! Everyone gathered around the recliner while I nursed Alyssa so we could read our library books (by the way we got 15 books read in our first week for the Summer reading program!) It was hard trying to get a picture of us but I managed :-) Look at that silly look on Seth's face!

I told the boys first thing this morning that if they did not get any x's on their behavior chart for the morning than they could go swimming before lunch!! And they made it!!

We have been having a hard time trying to figure out the best time for our swimming. We had been trying late afternoon...but where we live that is the hottest part of the day. We have found that Alyssa doesn't like to sleep at that time but it is way too hot to have her outside.

I got to thinking about it and the fact that they come out of the pool hungry and tired...and got to thinking about doing it before lunch. Alyssa seems to always be sleeping at that point...and since they come out of the pool hungry and tired they can come in and eat their lunch and take their nap!

It worked beautifully today!! And Seth took twice as long of a nap as usual!! I think this will become our swim time :-)

Seth wakes about about 1 1/2 to 2 hours before Aaron does each afternoon. Today I decided to take advantage of that and play some games with him. Seth LOVES games!!! We played our Phase 10 for Kids, Uno Kids version and Bible Bingo!

And Seth has such a sweet spirit...he was just as excited when I won as he was when he won!

I told the boys if they didn't get any x's on their behavior chart for the afternoon we would make a special treat! They were once again good so we went to the kitchen and made rice krispie treats (only we used chocolate dyno-bites (the malt o meal brand)). Of course they loved this!

And they sure did love eating them after supper!

I wish I could say that we had an entire day of good behavior... I guess they were saving all the bad behavior for this evening because it has been a battle to get them to clean their room tonight. I am now ready for it to be their bedtime :-)!!

Tomorrow we are going to the library to see the mobile dairy farm (should be interesting) and get some more books to read!

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  1. Kellie, sounded like a full day of fun and sun. what a good mommie you are. I love the Uno and Bible Bingo games for kids. Where did you get them? Any toystore? Thanks for sharing.