Friday, June 19, 2009

Tot School

Aaron is 23 months old!
I am so happy to be posting my first Tot school post on this blog! (for those who have followed us from the beginning know that I used to make tot school posts on our other blog...but got out of the habit when I got pregnant and life got hectic!)

What is Tot School for us? It is time devoted to Aaron! I will be starting pre-k with Seth in the fall and since I will have time concentrated specifically on Seth then Aaron deserves the same. It is not school because Aaron is no where near ready for is learning through play!

I am already seeing such differences in the two boys. Seth has always had an eagerness for learning. He is excited about school and loves school time. He has also always had a pretty long attention span.

Aaron is just the opposite...Aaron has a short attention span...Seth will sit down for an hour for story time...Aaron is done before the first book is finished! I have a feeling things might be a bit challenging for Aaron...I am just going to have to get creative!

For the summertime there really will not be too many separate activities for the boys. I am planning a relaxed summer of fun activities. My goal this summer is to just get us on a good schedule so it will be easy transition into Pre-K come August.

Here is a glimpse into our week this week.

Our highlight of the week is our trip to the library! Seth LOVES the library...we are hoping that we can get Aaron where he will start loving it as well. This summer they have special programs going on each week along with the Summer Reading Program. For every 5 books I read to the boys they get a ticket to use in the library store at the end of the summer.

This week the program was the Mobile Dairy Farm. They got to see a cow get milked! Aaron did like this because he LOVES animals!

Of course we had a lot of story time this week and will every week this summer as we are trying to read as many books as we can! I have found some of the best times to have story time is while I am nursing the baby. The boys will just gather around the recliner. I tried to capture a picture of us below.

And we had a lot of swim time as well this week (and will every week this summer) we have a small 8 ft by 30 in pool out on our gazebo. The boys love to go swimming!

Aaron's favorite toy are the little rubber duckies!

We made rice krispie treats this week (with cocoa krispies - YUM). Now Aaron does love the kitchen. He loves to play like he is cooking and is so excited when he can help cook. (we do a lot of cooking on the is easier than having the boys fight over the step stool!)

Aaron loves to eat even more than he loves cooking!! He thought he did a great job on his treats!

Like I said, Aaron loves to be in the kitchen so we also made peach popsicles. Look at the delight on his face!!

He got to pour the sugar into the blender.

Enjoying story time with Daddy!

And I can't have a post without a picture of our baby girl! Alyssa is 2 months old now! She loves to smile and coo in her swing!

I am so looking forward to reading the other tot school posts and getting lots of ideas for this summer and then for the school year!

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