Monday, June 15, 2009

Trying to get into a schedule

Trying to get into a schedule

I have decided to work this summer on figuring out how to get us into a good daily schedule so it will be easy transition when we start Pre-K this fall. Plus I have found that the kids do better if they are on a schedule...Seth likes knowing what is going to happen and his behavior is actually better when he is on a schedule.

Seth has really enjoyed the new Playhouse Disney cartoon Special Agent Oso. Each show Agent Oso is sent on a special misison that has 3 special steps. I thought that Seth would find it exciting if we based our daily schedule on this show.

I also wanted to make the schedule as flexible as possible because since my kids are still quite young it may take a few tries to find something that works well with I also want to be able to be spontanious every now and then...that is exciting for them as well.

So here is our chart. We will have 2 daily missions each day - a morning mission and an afternoon mission. I decorated a cork board and made strips for each of the activities that we could be doing. Each morning I just have to figure out our schedule for the day and post up our steps for our special mission.

Also for each mission there is a behavior reward activity. If Seth goes all morning (or afternoon) without any x's on his behavior chart (explained further below) then he will be able to do the behavior reward activity.

The Behavior Chart
Here is our behavior chart. I decided to break it up into morning, afternoon and evening. That way they have several chances during the day :-) As mentioned above for morning and afternoon they have a reward activity if they don't get any x's. Then if they don't get any x's for the whole day then they get to put a sticker on their Cars card. Once they get 10 cars on their card they can redeem it for a new car at Wal-Mart.

I do actually have a seperate area for Aaron on this chart because I feel that this is the first thing that Aaron really needs to be working on seperate from Seth...I feel he is getting old enough to start understanding good and bad behavior.

The Responsibility Chart
Here is Seth's chore chart! I love this chart and so does Seth. He gets a sticker on his chart for each of the chores he does each day. For each sticker that day he gets to put a penny in his piggy bank (he loves putting pennies in the bank).

I don't have Aaron seperate on this chart yet but he does do chores right along Seth. He loves helping out just as much as Seth...sometimes more. He also gets pennies in his bank along with Seth...and if for some reason he does a good job with a chore and Seth doesn't then I will put an A for that chore for the day instead of a sticker. That lets me and Seth know that only Aaron gets a penny for that Aaron starts understanding the chores more we can do the same thing if he decides to not do a chore when asked to but Seth does it.

Of course I am still trying to tweak it to work for us and I may find that I may need to change it some as we start using it (in fact this is round first idea was a bit different than this but we found out really quick that it wasn't going to work) but at least we have something to start with and so far it looks like it may work. I want to keep it simple and I want to keep it fun. The boys LOVE helping out right now and I would love to be able to keep it from being "a chore" to do their chores :-)

The other night after super they got down and started clearing the table without anyone asking them to do so. And they were happy about it!

A couple of more pictures

Here are the boys enjoying story time with Daddy!!

Here is computer time in our classroom! Aaron was on his Thomas the Train laptop!


  1. What great ideas for your charts. I especially like your Daily Missions chart and your Behavior chart.

    I think I need to make one for my boys. We had tried behavior charts in the past with my oldest but after seeing yours. I am going to start one up again.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love this behavior chart, I think I better do one for my daughter lol

  3. I really liked your Daily Mission chart. We have a weekly calendar for our 32 month old, but it seems to be a little over her head still. I think she can connect to a daily mission a lot better, and it can also teach her some planning skills. I will talk to my husband about making one for her.