Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bible Crafts

Here are some bible crafts that we have worked on in the first couple of weeks of school.

Making Pottery Jars
We followed the recipe in the teacher's manual for making cornstarch modeling clay.  Our jars were pretty small but the kids did enjoy making them.  We were able to make small scrolls to put in them and put the lid on them.  I think Seth got the idea that jars were used to store scrolls even though ours were on such a small scale.

 One of the jars showing the tiny scroll inside.
 The lid on top of the jar.
Alyssa showing her tiny scroll.

Making A Scroll

For the first 10 days of our curriculum Seth had to use his very best handwriting to write all the letters of the alphabet.  We did about 6 letters every day.  He really didn't enjoy this because he really doesn't enjoy handwriting!  But today we put the completed set together and made a scroll from this, a scroll that he was very proud of!  :-) He even told me that even though he was so glad that he didn't have to do those pages again he was glad that he did his best so that he could have a cool scroll.  :-) That's my Seth!

(I am trying to put some "themes" to my posts...rather than random posts...I think that will help me do better about making posts...we shall see - LOL!)

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