Thursday, September 29, 2011

MFW 1st Grade - Week 7 in Review

Week 7 is in the books!!  Whoo Hoo!!  As I am typing this post we are sitting out at our campsite :-)  We have decided to have a nice relaxing weekend in the RV!  It has been so long since we have been able to take the RV out due to this HOT summer we had!!  It is nice to get in the outdoors (even though the days are still pretty warm, at least the nights are cooling down).  And to make it even more fun we have some friends that are joining us with their RV tomorrow morning!!  :-)  I believe lots of memories will be made this weekend!

We only had 3 days of school this week due to the fact that Aaron had a speech therapy evaluation on Monday!  But Seth was able to have a little bit of "school" at a friend's house while Aaron and I were at the evaluation.  He just about memorized his new proverbs there and worked on some phonics and got to play with a pocket chart having fun with word families.  Thank you Mrs. Angela for being the "substitute" teacher that day for us!  (oh and Alyssa enjoyed being spoiled by their family that day as well - LOL!)

We did Days 24 - 27 of the Teacher's Manual this week for reading.  (we skipped the day 25 exploration day since it doesn't involve reading).  We continued our work on long vowels and today worked on the sound /oo/ as in spoon.  Seth was so funny with this one.   He kept trying to add the /n/ sound at the end of it.  He was so cute.  I figure I had him say /oo/ 50 times or more - LOL!  But he started getting it at the end.

We did days 22 through 24 of the math grid this week.  We continued our work on learning numbers.  As I shared a couple of days ago Seth learned about the alligator that likes to eat bigger numbers (greater than/less than signs)

Books we read this week for Math:

Prairie Dogs Perching: Counting by 3s by Amanda Doering Tourville
Sunning Sea Lions: Discovering Even Numbers by Amanda Doering Tourville
Hiding Hippos: Counting from 1 to 10 by Amanda Doering Tourville
Look Who's Counting by Suse MacDonald
How High Can A Dinosaur Count by Valorie Fisher
Counting by Sar Pistoia
Underwater Counting by Jerry Pallotta

We did days 22 through 24 of the teacher's manual this week for science, which means we finished our study on trees and started our study on rain.  Of course it would be a lot funner to study rain if we could actually experience some rain.  Here in Texas were we live we are under a very bad drought right now (in fact the lake we are camping at this weekend is quite low!  There are large beach areas that are  usually not there).  But I guess I can show them how things in the state they are in outside right now are a result of no rain and how the ground and the trees and the animals need rain to survive.

I am looking forward to our experiments next week.  We are going study evaporation by watching how water disappears from a bowl (shouldn't take too many days to dry up that bowl - LOL!) and we are going to create rain!  (oh how I wish we could maginfy the amount we are going to create and actually produce a good rainfall outside! Oh well - I guess creating a little bit in the kitchen from a jar will have to be good enough).

Books we read this week
The Busy Tree by Jennifer Ward
One Rainy Day by Christina Butler (VERY CUTE book!!)
When Rain Falls by Melissa Stewart

We memorized Proverbs 16:24.  Here is the video of Seth saying his Proverbs.  (remember if you are viewing this from email you will have to go to the blog to see the video)

We also didn't get to our activity of making a bible costume today since we wanted to get things packed up for camping... I am hoping to work that in to next week sometime.  I have planned my lessons for next week - that will be the week where Seth (and Mommy) learn how to make a map of the Bible lands map!  That should be very interesting!  I am going to have to get creative though on the day that we are suppose to be looking at a globe and a flat map...because I haven't gotten our globe yet...

Aaron and Alyssa

As mentioned, Aaron had a speech therapy evaluation on  Monday and is being recommended for speech therapy.  We are playing the waiting game right now waiting to see if insurance will cover it with this facility that we had the evaluation at.  In the meantime I have been given good information to start working with him at home.  I have found several websites that have a lot of good printables, games, etc for us to do.  And I have found some good ipad apps (which works well since Aaron LOVES the ipad).  I mentioned the Tiga Talk app the other day in this post if you want to read more information on that.

Aaron and Alyssa have finally shown interest in my "busy box" that I made up for them!  I am so excited and hope that the activities will hold their attention while I try to work with Seth.

I didn't do a very good job getting pictures this week! I am hoping to have some more schoolroom pics to show next week :-) I have figured out yet another way to rearrange my room to give us more space and have better use of the space we have!  Hubby has agreed to getting in there with me on Sunday afternoon to help me move things around!  I am so excited!!!  It will make a BIG change, but will solve a lot of the headache I have been having with the room set up :-)!!  I can't wait to share pics with yall!!

But for now I am going to go back to relaxing with my family!

Until next time,


  1. You son is so cute saying his Proverb! Glad you were able to have a relaxing weekend, we all need those!

  2. The alligators on the white board are a great idea!