Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A fun day!!

I just had to share a bit of our day with you today!! There has been a lot of excitement going on around here!

First off - Seth read the last story in the Pathways red book today!! He was so excited. There are a few more concluding worksheets in the workbook that we will do tomorrow and then on Monday we start the blue book!

I thought y'all might like this little video :-)

(Click here if you are not seeing the video in the email so that you can view it on the blog.)

The other thing I would like to share is that we had a new friend show up at our house yesterday. (Most of you probably remember me telling you that Rocky disappeared over a month ago now). This sweet little dog was cuddled up on our gazebo yesterday morning when I went out to turn the heater on in the schoolhouse. She had no collar. (Our area seems to be a popular dump spot - the animal control officer knows us well). At first we tried to ignore her but she made it impossible with her very gentle and very sweet disposition. Then last night it started raining and raining BAD. (in fact I heard a bit ago that this is officially the wettest January day in DFW history - with more rain to come!!!). So we brought her in and put her in Rocky's old kennel. She did not make a sound all night long!! She also did not pee or poop in there either :-)

Today we gave her a bath (because she smelled like cows) and let here spend some time with us in the school house (so as you can imagine we didn't get all our schooling done today - just the bare necessities.)

Since we have been back in the house she has been content being in the kennel (I think she is just grateful she doesn't have to be out in this cold wet weather!)

We are trying to think of a name for her. Yesterday our story in the Pathway reader was about the family finding a name for the colt and they came up with Little Lady. So Seth thinks that would be cool. We are thinking on it. Alyssa is calling her sissy - but I don't know about that... LOL!!

Anyways - here are some pics we got this morning.

They are spoiling her already!

If she is a puppy she is not a very young one because her teeth look like adult teeth. I guess we will find out about that better when I get her to the vet to get checked out.

Fun fun!! Of course I have been planning on starting with potty training for Alyssa next week and now it looks like we will be housebreaking a dog as well. Oh Lord let this go smooth and easy!!

Until next time,

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  1. The little girl I babysit will be starting the Pathways Red Book next week - I'm so excited for her! :^)

    Your new puppy is very cute; I hope all goes well with her.