Saturday, January 28, 2012

Puzzle party!

I think I have mentioned before that Seth has grown to LOVE puzzles, and that we got 24 puzzles for Christmas!!!

Well Daddy was gone on a business trip and we decided that last night we would have a puzzle party. I told Seth and Aaron that they could stay up late (Alyssa only stayed up 30 minutes past her normal bed time...that's all I could stand (-: ) We had a fun supper of hot dogs and french fries.

We started about 5:00 working on puzzles. We took a break for supper and then was right back at it. We stopped about 8:30 because the boys also wanted to do a movie. So we watched Cars 2. Aaron didn't make it through the movie and I had to carry him to bed when it was over. I even dozed off at one point but was awoken to Seth laughing at a funny part of the movie. He of course watched the entire movie and still didn't want to go to bed when it was over (but of course he had no choice).

This morning I did an idea I found on pinterest for breakfast. I made waffles using refrigerated cinnamon rolls. They turned out really well!!



After breakfast we started working on puzzles again and did so until Daddy got home.

In total we put together 16 puzzles between last night and today!!!! As we finished each puzzle I labeled the back of the pieces so if any pieces get misplaced we will know what puzzle they go to!

One of our puzzles that we completed was our I Spy puzzle. We have completed it before...but I still think it is one of the HARDEST puzzles ever! It is a weird shape and it has weird shaped pieces. But we did better with it this time. I show Seth how to divide it into different categories to help make it easier. We did the edge pieces that had writing on them, then added in the rest of the edge pieces and then filled in the middle. He was so excited when it was completed!

We had a lot of fun!! I love making memories with my kids.

Until next time,

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  1. Sounds wonderful but the best part of this post was the last line, "I love making memories with my kids"....I love that.
    God bless!