Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

Wow! What a week this has been! We have had record breaking rainfall this week, along with having a sweet little dog show up that we have decided to keep as our new pet. Thankfully through the midst of all of this we have managed to get a lot of school work done as well! WHOO!!

And today was our first day of the Spring co-op semester! :-) The kids were so excited to see all of their friends again. I am really excited about Seth's classes. He is taking an introduction to biology class, wood kits class and reading club. I was told that in his wood kits class he put his whole kit together with no help! :-)

We finished our first Pathways reader this week!! :-) For those who did not see the video posted on Wednesday I thought I would share it again. (remember to click here if you are viewing this through email so that you can see the video on the blog.)

Seth obviously was sharing about his Pathways readers in his reading club class today because his teacher came up to me afterwards and asked if we used Pathway readers! She said her family uses that as well and loves it!

Seth also finished the Explode the Code 1 1/2 workbook this week and started workbook 2!! :-) He is moving right along nicely with it!

We have also discovered that it is a good workbook to take for trips in the car! It keeps him occupied so that he is not pestering his sister! :-)

Ok so math wasn't so exciting this week..and to be honest it was one of teh subjects that was set aside when all the excitement of the dog happened. The subject this week was suppose to be about graphing. We were able to read a couple of books explaining the different types of graph and did manage to make a graph of the items in his pencil I guess that was good enough. :-) He is picking math up so easily I am really not concerned.

Next week we will focus on math a lot more because we will be learning how to tell time. :-)

We are still treking right along with our bible stories using our stick figures. Seth told me this week that he LOVES doing the bible stories! He said that he is learning cool ways of drawing stick figures! :-) (but apparently he is really listening to the story as well though because he does a good job telling me the next day what the story was about!)

We have made a bit of a change to his memory verses. I recently found out that they are doing memory verses in Sunday School and they get prizes the next week if they can recite their verse. So I have decided to just use those verses for our memory verse now :-) They have just started memorizing the Lord's Prayer (Matt 6:9-13). They are not going to do a prize though until they have the whole passage learned and they are doing a verse a week. So this week we learned Matt 6:9. Each week we will attach the next verse on.

Here is the video of him reciting Matt 6:9 (he was having trouble with the word Hallowed)...

We talked about rainbows this week and read some fun books about Rainbows. The kids also watched a Magic School Bus episode about rainbows!

Oh - here are our desks!!! We are so excited and the kids love them!!

And here are some pics of Daisy! We have an appointment set for Monday afternoon at the vet to get her checked out and shots and everything. We will have to also schedule when to have her fixed.

She is such a sweet little dog though and has already won our hearts!

Well I think that is all I have for this week!

We are ready for a fun week next week! We have the vet appointment on Monday and then we have a play date on Tuesday! :-)!!!

Until next time!

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