Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekly Wrap up

Please excuse me for being a bit late on my weekly wrap up post. At least I am finishing it before the next week, right? We have just been super busy this weekend. I am also trying to figure out a new blog post app for my ipad (so if you are one who gets an email of this post and things seem a bit weird I apologize. Hopefully you can go to the blog and everything will be fixed :-) )

Anyways, we had a good busy week of school this week. We are still working on getting back into our normal routine, but I think we did much better this week. :-)

Seth read 4 stories in his Pathways reader this week!!! I was very pleased at how well he did as well! If we keep on track we will finish the red book this Wednesday!! YEAH!!!

We discovered this week that it is a lot funner to read the stories if you are sitting in the bean bags. :-) We got Aaron to get a picture of us one day (I'm sorry that it is a bit blurry)

I also had to throw this picture in. One day this week Seth had a sight word test in his Pathways workbook. I had the teacher's manual calling out the words and when he would find the word and circle it he would give me a "thumbs up" to let me know he was done and ready for the next word. (he made a 100 on that test by the way!)

This week in math we were focusing on measurements and Seth had a lot of fun with this! We were measuring all different things in the room by all different means. We measured the table using a paper clip, a chair using a q-tip, and so on. The picture below is of Seth measuring the bookcase with a piece of ribbon.

We have been looking at getting new school desks so I worked that into our lessons this week. For instance, I would ask Seth if we could tell Daddy that we needed a desk that was 5 hands wide? Of course he totally got it and answered "no because Daddy's hands are bigger!" :-)

The boys are still very much enjoying using the Grapevine Studies stick figuring to help tell our bible stories! They really have a good attention span with this and seem to retain a lot. One of our stories this week was about the tower of Babel. After the bible story the boys had fun building a tower using their tower blocks.

And we managed to get our bible verse memorized this week!! Yeah! Here is a video of Seth reciting Proverbs 30:5. (remember if you are viewing this on email you need to go to click here to view the video.

YouTube Video

We also got back on track with our memorizing the books of the bible. Seth has now memorized the old testament through Hosea. Here is a video of him reciting Genesis to Hosea. (email viewers remember to click the above link to go view the video on the blog)

Our science topic this week was about the stars and planets. I had some experiments planned but we just didn't get to them (I said we were working on getting back in you can see we haven't quite accomplished it yet). But we did enjoy watching Magic School Bus videos and reading lots of fun library books on the subject!

Seth did well in his Climbing to Good English workbook this week. He likes coloring the pictures because he is very proud that he knows his color words. :-)
He continues to work on his Explode the Code workbook during his nap time. If we stay on track we will finish book 1 1/2 this week as well!! I have also discovered that I can bring along that workbook with us in the car for him to work on and it makes for a peaceful car ride because he is not pestering his sister. :-)

We got a headphone splitter so that Aaron and Alyssa can watch netflix on the big monitor while I am trying to do reading or math with Seth. This really works to keep them occupied while I am trying to work with Seth. (now if I could only figure out how to get Alyssa to leave her headphones alone so that they stay on...)

We are also having a lot of fun with the puzzles that we got for Christmas. This week I told the boys that we would work on it after we got all our school work done. This seemed to help motivate them to get their work done. We even got out there Friday morning, even though we don't do school on Friday, to work on our puzzle.

I am still contemplating bringing the puzzle box in the house and doing the puzzles there, as a boredom buster. I think I would like to get one of those puzzle mats that you can put them on and you are suppose to be able to roll it up to put it away if you are in the middle of one and it not mess up the puzzle. That would be cool!

But I have always enjoyed puzzles and the boys seem to really like them now. I think this is a great hobby for us to have to do together. :-)

I will have more info and better pictures to post this week but...we got new school desks and chairs!! YAY!! Here is a picture of the desk. We picked them up Thursday afternoon and then got the chairs on Saturday. I will get pictures this week of the room set up with the new desks and chairs! So exciting! We even went Friday afternoon and the kids got to pick out pencil boxes and stickers to decorate them with and even got new boxes of crayons and colored pencils and stuff!

Well I think that is all I have to report for our week!

Until next time,

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