Thursday, September 10, 2009

Check out these giveaways

Things may be slowly getting better around our house.  Seth is pretty much back to normal.  Aaron and I are still a bit puny though.  Thankfully Alyssa and Daddy are still well.  Poor Daddy has to put up with a house full of sick people!

I am hoping to get back full swing into school next week.

In the meantime...I have entered more giveaways :-)

My Four Monkeys is giving away the Book I Met A Moose In Maine One Day

The Let's Hear It For The Boys giveaway extravaganza is still going are the new giveaways that are up:

From Me and My Boys!
   1) a t-shirt or onesie of choice from SnugFits (two winners)
   2) "Little Bear Hugs" from  (5 winners)!!

From Baby Loving Mama!
 1) $25 gift card to Hoohobbers

I really am anxiously looking forward to getting back to doing school and being able to get out of this house...but hopefully if I win a few of these giveaways it will make this lazing time in my recliner the past few days worth it!!

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