Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tot School - kitchen week

 Aaron is 25 months old.
The first of the week was a lot better than the last part of the week!  Seth ended up getting sick (and Mommy felt bad herself) so we didn't have school on Thursday and Friday.

But the first part of the week we got in a lot of kitchen activities (both of my sons' favorite!)
We made chef hats...
and enjoyed playing kitchen while wearing them. :-)
We made puffy paint cookies (with yellow paint because Mommy couldn't find the brown!)

We cooked vegetable soup and banana bread for Granny and PaPa.   Aaron loved washing his hands...

and adding the cut veggies to the crock pot!

He helped with the banana bread by turning on the mixer...
and mixing the dry ingredients.

We started Alyssa on cereal...but she is not liking it too well.  She looks at me like I have just stuck dirt in her mouth!

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  1. What a great week, so full of wonderful life experiences. I love the cooking pictures; what a great job you do of tapping into their interests!

    And, that picture of Alyssa eating cereal is PRICELESS!!

  2. Those hats are CUTE!!

  3. I love the kitchen them, those chef hats are priceless! I hope you and Seth are feeling better an no one else gets sick.

  4. The picture of Alyssa eating cereal is SO cute!

  5. I get so nervous about letting my little guy help in the kitchen. He loves being my little helper, but I am just paranoid. Your boys looked like they had so much fun. One of these days...

    By the way, the chef hats are adorable!

  6. Love the hats you all made. Oh dear with the solids, you never can tell can you. Some babies love them from the start and others.....well I am sure she will grow to like her food. :)

  7. My daughter loves being in the kitchen too! Oh, and that bib is hilarious!

  8. Haha, love that pic of your daughter and the cereal. My daughter didnt like it until about the 7th day. Whenever you get a chance, is there a way you can email me directions on how to make those chef hats? Im doing a cooking/baking theme down the road so id love to make those!! My email is No hurry though :)

  9. Love the chef hats and all the fun you guys had in the kitchen too!

    That last picture of your baby girl cracks me up!!

  10. Love the cute little chef hats!!!

  11. Those hats are too cute!!!!

    Banana bread sounds good. We might have to make some this week.