Monday, September 14, 2009

Ugh!! Is this ever going to end??

well - still no school today!  I ended up at the dr this morning still battling being sick!!  My hubby is at the dr as I type this...looks like he has strep throat!!!

I am finding that the hydrocodone that the dr prescribed is working...I am hoping maybe tomorrow we can get a little bit of school done at least!

By the are some more giveaways I have entered (you had to know this is how this post was going to end! :-) )

From Me and My Boys:
1. A personalized coloring book and sicker set from Using Your Heads  (you got to check this site is too cool!!)
2. AWaboba ball (bounces on water) from Vat 19
3. A pair of shoes from See Kai Run

From Baby Loving Mama
1.A Happy Cat Bean Bag ($298 value!) from Spunky Sprouts
2.A Pair of shoes from See Kai Run
3.A pair of sunglasses from Baby Banz

1 comment:

  1. Sorry you and your hubby are not well. We did not get much done last week while my mom was in the hospital. Here's hoping you both will be feeling better soon.