Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It just doesn't stop!

Just when you think things couldn't get any worse...I have had an infection develop in one of my impacted wisdom more putting off getting them looks like they are going to come out tomorrow!!!  I am praying this will end all of this though and that I can feel better and that our family can get back to normal!  My boys are better and are going stir crazy in our house!  Daniel is getting better and thankfully Alyssa is still staying well.  I am just ready to be be well too!!

Oh well...what can you do...

here are some more giveaways...(don't know if I really should be doing this on hydrocodone...but I am going nuts!)

From Baby Loving Mama
1)kids nylon sleeping bag and alligator terry cover up from Land's End

From Me and My Boys
1) A piece of artwork of choice from Magic Pumpkin Art
2) Any item of choice from FreckleBox
3) A pair of shoes from StrideRite

ok - that was enough to wear me out...I'm going to rest now!

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