Friday, September 25, 2009

Tot School - Easing our way back to Normal

Aaron is 26 months old.

Thankfully our routine was closer to normal this week.  After a full 2 weeks of our household being sick the only thing we had to deal with is myself still having some soreness from having my wisdom teeth extracted last week (unexpectedly).  So our routine wasn't as full throttle as it usually is but we did get in some good school time and some tot school time!  Next week we should be moving FULL STEAM!!  :-)

Here are some moments that I was able to catch with the camera!

Aaron sure has a lot of fun doodling on his Little Tykes doodle pad.  Monday he spent a long time with it.

He also wanted in on the fun when Seth and I were working with the magnetic letters (working on our sight words).  He wanted to make words as well.  In fact when Seth and I were done I had to go tend to Alyssa so I had Seth be the "teacher" for awhile.  Aaron would put a letter on the freezer and then Seth would tell him what letter it was.  It was so cute listening to them.

The boys really enjoyed being able to go back to story time at the library this week.  The theme was the First Day Of Fall (since it was on the first day of fall) They read books about fall and talked about falling leaves.  For the craft they had washable paints and both boys really got into this!  Aaron's pic is the one on the right.  He enjoyed this so much he didn't want to stop.  And neither one of them got paint on their clothes!!

Aaron had fun coloring this morning and was ECSTATIC when I gave him his own box of crayons.  I put his name on the box and he kept pointing to it (as he is doing in this picture).  He felt very special that he now has his own box of crayons!

Aaron had a lot of fun with his little sis as she was finally able to complete her roll!!  (she has been going from tummy to back for a while but didn't accomplish back to tummy  until this week!)

It sure was nice to have all the kids well this week!

By the way - I am doing weekly posts about Alyssa on our family blog if you would like to keep up with her.  There is a link at the top of the right hand column that will take you to that blog!

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