Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kitchen Play - Giant Cookies

Have I told you before that my boys love to play kitchen?!?!

Well we made another item to add to our kitchen box today - giant cookies!!

I got this idea from No Time For Flashcards blog - you can see her post on this topic here.

Basically you make homemade puff paint by combining shaving cream, white glue and paint.  You then spread it all over your paper plate.  You can add dots for chocolate chips just by placing them on top (no extra glue required for that!).

I could not find my brown paint (funny how it showed up after we were done) but I did have yellow paint so we decided it would be sugar cookies :-)

For our chocolate chips I made small heart die cuts from the library (it was a lot faster than me cutting out circles - Ha Ha!)

Unfortunately I have two little boys who are afraid to get their hands too dirty so they weren't really into spreading the goo on their plate so Mommy did most of the work!

So...it didn't turn out as fun as I wanted since the boys weren't into getting in the glue and having fun spreading it...but they will enjoy playing with their cookies during their kitchen play.  I would like to try it again since I found the brown paint...maybe they would be more open to getting their hands dirty if we did it outside one day!  The paint really does dry up pretty cool.


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  1. What a cute idea! We use the same recipe for puffy paint. I think we can make puffy paint kissing hand cookies when we read "the Kissing Hand" this week. Thanks Kellie for sharing the links! Have a great week!