Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blessings Posters

Once again I LOVE the decoration we did today!!  I really am liking the way it turned out.

I once again got the idea from a craft book…this one was from a book we got from the library.  The book stated to take a piece of fabric and glue cut outs of fruits and vegetables and then fold over the top edge and hem and then stick a straight stick through it, tie on some string and hang it up…

Ours ended up being a bit different from what the book said…but I think I like our end results better!  It should last longer :-)

What I did is go to the library and use their die cut machine and made fruit and veggie cut outs from cute patterned scrapbook paper.

We then went to Wal-Mart (not knowing what I was going to end up doing before we got there) and ended up getting  a couple cute fabric fat quarter (that you use for making quilts), some stick on glittered foam letters and a poster frame.

When we got home I used my scrapbook adhesive and stuck the fabric to the back of the poster frame.  We then stuck on letters (made the words “Harvest of Blessings”) and stuck on the fruit and veggies using the scrapbook adhesive tape runner.

We then assembled the poster frame and ended up with a very nice looking picture to hang on the wall.

And…it fits so well on the wall that I put it on that this just may turn out to be our seasonal poster wall…we can make one for each season or holiday!  Looks like we will be making a Christmas one soon :-)

Here are some pictures of the finished product (sorry for the flash glare)

 IMG_1577 IMG_1578

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