Monday, November 30, 2009

Seth’s Week In Review – Thanksgiving


I have decided that since I have Alyssa’s weekly post on our family blog and I have Aaron’s weekly tot school post here on this blog I need to also do a weekly post for Seth!  My goal is each year at their birthday time to make a blog to book from for them every year!  I am hoping this will help me do better at documenting their life – the funny and cool things they say and do that you always want to remember!

So here is Seth’s first week in review – officially!  Last week we did not do any school due to Thanksgiving but we did have a fun day at the park one day and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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I do have to tell a funny story about Seth from this weekend!  Seth has really gotten into Recue Heroes.  It is a cartoon that they play on Qubo and it is about firefighters and policemen and other rescue heroes that save people.  I am so excited about him liking them so much because I would much rather him look up to these heroes than some of the others like power rangers, spiderman, etc…

Anyways we were at my parents this weekend and Seth spilled a glass of water on the carpet.  When it happened he stood up and held up his hands and said “everyone remain calm.  It is just water that spilled.”  We all were cracking up!!!  He is so cute!!


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