Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tot School – 5 Little Monkeys Tot Pack


Aaron is 28 months old

Thankfully we were able to get back to doing tot school activities this week after remodeling our kitchen!! 

I have made several tot packs lately to start working with Aaron on.  This week I introduced the 5 Little Monkeys Tot Pack to him!! 

Most of the printables I got for this Tot pack was from 1+1+1=1’s 5 Little Monkeys Tot Pack.  I made a few changes and added a few things to meet our needs.

Here is a view of our folder.  I used a folder with brads and put everything into ziploc bags that I punched holes in and put in the brads.  The bags had the label on them so that I could write the activity on.  I put both of our 5 Little Monkeys books in the pockets (we currently have Five Little Monkeys Sitting In A Tree and Five Little Monkeys With Nothing To Do). 

Everything has been laminated to help make it last.  I hope to be able to use these tot packs with Alyssa when she becomes old enough.


Here is Aaron playing with the pieces I laminated to retell the story.  I wasn’t able to use Carissa’s printables for this one because we currently do not have the book Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed.  I do plan on purchasing that book and putting it with our pack…I will probably do the story retelling printables for that book.


One of Aaron’s favorite activities was Monkey Parts. 


Here is Aaron pointing to (or actually covering) his ears!


I am really working with Aaron right now on his colors so we focused alot on the Monkey Colors activity.


I added a couple of activities at Seth’s level so that he could enjoy the pack as well (he also had fun playing with us on the tot activities as well though).

I added a Monkey Math activity.  I laminated 5 monkey cards and then I laminated addition and subtraction strips  (1 + 1 = ?,  2 – 1 = ?, etc).  He used the monkeys to help with simple addition and subtraction and actually did quite well with it!

 IMG_6295 IMG_6296 

Aaron was super excited about his new tot pack!!  I am hoping we can get a lot of enjoyment out of it.  I also have the dinosaur pack ready for him!  I can’t wait to introduce that one to him as well!!

We also sang songs and did a lot of other play with cars, trucks, and the linking fish that Aaron just loves!!


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  1. First of all, your new kitchen is gorgeous! Not sure how I missed that post in my Reader, as I HAVE been wondering where you all were!

    And, I LOVE the Tot Pack! I started printing some of Carisa's pages a while back, ran out of ink and never went back to finishing it. You've definitely inspired me, as Maddie LOVES anything related to monkeys.

  2. I'm dying to make that tot pack, my tot LOVES to sing 5 Little Monkeys (all versions LOL), but she isn't nice to things made of paper. I really need a laminator. =o)

  3. Looks like he had fun :) My daughter really liked this tot pack as well.

  4. I love the new kitchen! I haven't tried a Tot Pack yet, but it looks like the boys had so much fun and learned so much, you have inspired me to try one soon. M loves 5 Little Monkeys, too! I love the apple craft in the kitchen post, too!

  5. I have to print out this tot pack for Emily she loves the Monkeys Jumping on the Bed song!!