Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our New Morning Wall

Ok - I am starting something new (seems like I am constantly doing that - HA!).  I have decided to create a "Morning Wall" is full of things for us to review every morning to start our day!  I am hoping this will help in teaching things such as calendars, days of the week, time, etc...  Here are some pictures of our Morning Wall.

Here is a view of the whole wall...this is when you first enter our school room.

At the top of the wall is our monthly calendar.

Below that is our Weather and Season Board, along with our clock.   On the left hand side is our clock.  Seth is really wanting to learn how to tell time.  (I don't know if this clock will stay here or if it will be moved...but for right now it is here :-) )You can't see it very well but at the top in the middle there is a strip that states "Today's Weather is:" and then the boys will choose the right picture to put under that (hot, cold, rainy, cloudy, etc...).  Below that is our weather bear that we got from here...we will dress him appropriately for the weather of the day. (I used velcro pieces to put his clothes on worked out that the clothes pieces cling to the pocket chart below the weather board.)   Then on the right side is currently a picture of a tree with falling leaves and then a cute little bear in a pile of leaves to represent the Fall season.

Below the weather board is our pocket chart.  The top two pockets have our phone number and address (blurred on picture for privacy reasons).  The next 3 pocket rows are for learning the days of the week...they are "Yesterday was...", "Today is...", and "Tomorrow will be..."  The pocket row below that is a stip for our current bible story and bible verse.  Since the strips are laminated I will just write those in with a a dry erase marker each week.  The bottom pockets is where we store all our extra strips and pieces.  Since it is fall I have laminated fall leaves and woodland creatures placed throughout the chart.  I will change those out with each season.

I hope the boys enjoy the morning wall and I hope it will be a fun way to learn some things about our calendar, weather and seasons!

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