Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raising Rockstars - God Made Me!

Weekly Theme - God Made Me

This week ended up being a very interesting week for Raising Rock Stars!  Daddy was gone all week (left on Sunday and returned on Saturday).  We were planning on going to my mom's but not until Thursday.  Well the rainfall we were getting and the fact that our roads were starting to flood we were urged to go to my mom's a few days earlier so we spent most of the week there.  But since my parents worked all day we packed up our school stuff and took it with us (another plus about homeschooling).  We were lax in most of our schooling for the week but I wanted to make sure we got in our Raising Rock Star lessons.  I really want to make this our number one priority for our schooling!  We were able to have a bit of fun with these lessons even though we were away from home!

Our theme was God Made Me.  We concentrated on the fact that God made people.  We talked about how everything else he created he spoke it into existence except for Adam and Eve.  When he made Adam he took dirt from the ground to make him and then he breathed his breath into him!  We talked about how God made us all special.

Memory Verse

I used Psalm 139:14 instead of the verse that went with the lesson from Danielle's Place.  Psalm 139:14 has always been one of my favorite verses and I believed it fit our lesson very well.  It had some big words for Seth, since he is only 4, but we really had some good discussions about what this verse meant!  He might not be able to recite the verse to you but he does know what the verse is saying and what it means (isn't that what is most important?!?)

Books We Read and Videos We Watched

Of course we read the bible.  We read in Genesis how God made Adam from the dirt of the ground and breathed into him the breath of life.  We talked about Psalm 139 about how God knew who we would be before we were even born.

My kids are really starting to enjoy Veggie Tales.  I ordered "God Made You Special" and it came in this week (how perfect was that!!)  It went great with our God Made Me Lessons!!

Here are the kids watching the video at MiMi's house (even Alyssa enjoyed it!)

Songs We Sang

We had a super good song session this week!!  It takes about 2 hours to get to my Mom's house.  I thought of a way that we could still have our rock star lesson that day...and do it while traveling!!   When we started our trip we talked about our bible story about how God made Adam and how God made each of us and took care of us while we were in our Mommy's tummy.  We worked on our memory verse too.  Then the rest of the trip we listened to our bible songs CDs.

Activities We Did
How cool is this??  Last week the story hour theme at the library was "Our Bodies".  They did a body tracing of each of the kids on butcher paper.  I made sure to put them in a safe place so that we could use them in our God Made Me lessons.  Aaron didn't want to color his at all at the library and Seth only colored his a bit...so I decided we would really color them good this week!  We made sure that we added our eyes, nose, mouth, fingers, shirts and pants.  Seth wanted me to help him draw his pajamas on his since that day was pajama day! :-)

While we were at Mimi's we did another drawing of ourselves.  The boys had doodle pads that I got them to use in the car.  I drew an outline of a person on a page and put their name and God Made Me.  We then completed our drawings by adding details.   Aaron really got into this....he did even better this time pointing to where his eyes, nose, mouth, etc...should be.


Crafts We Made
We made the God Made Me book from the Danielle's Place lesson while we were at MiMi's.

Our Family Project
Since we were at MiMi's most of the week and since Daddy was gone we did a family project with my nephew Joey (he's 6).  We made people shaped cookies and decorated them.  While we were decorating them I asked the kids "Is this how God created people?  Did he use cookie dough and cut out the people shape and then use frosting and sprinkles?".  Seth replied "No, he made Adam from dirt and breathed into his nose."  That was a PROUD Mommy moment!!  He got it, he really got it!

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Note: I am getting most of my lessons and craft and activity ideas from Danielle's Place.  This is a great site that has so many good ideas.  I am using their resources as my core and then adding in additional things as I think of them or come across them from other sites, stores, etc...

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