Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tot School - At MiMi's!!

Aaron is 27 Months Old

We had a very interesting week this week!  Daddy was gone all week!  We have been at my Mom's most of the week.  But Aaron enjoyed his time with his MiMi and Poppy very much!  Here are some highlights from our week!

One good thing about MiMi - she is a school teacher!!  She used to teach 1st grade but now is in 6th grade!  Therefore she has a bunch of resources!!  She gave some that we were able to take home and some other books that I took time this week to jot down ideas from!  We also went shopping on Saturday and spent a gook amount of time in Barnes & Noble and MiMi got us so many more books and resources!  So we have so many new ideas and fun stuff to do!!  I just have to figure out how to put in time to review and plan everything.

One of the things that she gave us was tropical linking fish  and swinging links (I found them online and posted pictures below...each picture has a link to the school supply site where I found them). They are different colors and they link together many different ways.  The swinging links will swing around once snapped together.  They will be great for learning colors, counting, patterns, etc...  Aaron really enjoyed playing with these this week!!!  He is working on his counting to 10 and he can almost do it correctly!!

Aaron is also getting a lot of practice learning the parts of his body with our Raising Rockstar lessons.  Our lesson this week was on God Made Me and we did a lot of portraits of ourselves.  I had Aaron show me where to put his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc...

He loved putting M&M eyes on his people cookies!

(be sure to check out the blog on Tuesdays for our Raising Rockstars post!)

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  1. So fun! Love that MiMi helped. =) Gotta love that!

  2. I love the idea of a God Made Me theme!