Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tot School

Aaron is 27 months

Mommy didn't do too good of a job this week with the camera for Aaron's Tot School...she was too busy getting pictures for our first week of Raising Rockstars.  We did have a good week of Tot School this week.  Aaron is working on his vocabulary and saying some pretty big words ("motorcycle" and "Dinosaur Train").  We did some coloring and playing on the chalkboard.  He also loved playing trucks and worked on sharing with his brother. :-)   Mommy even discovered through listening to a conversation between Aaron and his MiMi Saturday night that Aaron can almost count to 10!!!  Mommy had no idea!!  We haven't really been working on that...we will probably start working on that a little bit more now :-)

But dere are some highlights from our week that I did get pictures of. :-)

We enjoyed making sock puppets this week (I got the kit from Target).  Aaron loved picking the different details for his puppet and then playing with it afterwards.  His favorite thing to do was make his puppet kiss Seth's puppet (but this got on Seth's nerves).


We also played with play-doh this week quite a bit (our Raising Rockstars theme was creation).  Aaron loves play-doh!!

We did a lot of fun stuff with our Raising Rockstars!  Make sure to check back on Tuesday to see our post (wth a bunch of pictures) for that!!!

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  1. What a cute sock puppet! Don't you love it when your kids surprise you with what they know. They are such little sponges at this age.

  2. What a great idea to use Play-doh with the theme of creation! Maddie and I did a mini-unit on creation, but I am always hearing great, new ideas. I guess, though, that this IS a theme we can always go back to!

  3. Your sock puppet IS adorable! I am going to have to check out our Target.