Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Wishes Ornaments

We have started making our Christmas decorations.  Our new tradition of making seasonal decorations to enjoy and add to year after year got off to a great start with our fall decorations!  Now it’s time to put those away and start on our Christmas decorations.

We started today with our Christmas wish ornaments.  I found the ideas for these here.  I instantly fell in love with the idea and knew that we had to do these ourselves!

I did make some changes to the supplies and steps due to what I had here at the house.  Here is how we made ours:

On the Disney site they called for a wooden spool that you paint…which would be very pretty…but I didn’t have any.  I did have empty plastic spools that I have saved back for crafts.  Since I already had these I didn’t see any need to buy any wooden spools. 
Since I had plastic spools that did not have pretty ends, and I did not want to worry with trying to paint them, I cut out circles from pretty patterned scrapbook paper the size of the end of the spool and attached them with scrapbooking adhesive tape to the end of the spools (oh I punched holes in the middle of the circles before I put them on the spools so that I could thread the ribbon through.
Then I thread through a piece of ribbon through each spool (I found that wrapping the end of the ribbon around the bottom end of a skinny paintbrush helped to guide it through the spool and come out easily on the other side).  Once I got the ribbon threaded I tied the two ends together.  I then used the scrapbook tape to attach the ribbon to the spool where it threads through to keep the spool from spinning on the ribbon.
The site that has the idea stated to cut strips of paper to fit the width of the spool.  I found that party crepe paper was the perfect width of the plastic spools that I had!!  Yeah – no extra cutting!!
So for each spool I cut a piece of crepe paper long enough to put their lists.  If your child is old enough you can have them write their list with a marker on the crepe paper.  Since my kids are too young for that I just had them tell me their list and I wrote it down.
I then attached the list to the spool with a piece of tape (hint – I left some space at the top of the piece of crepe paper so that I could tape it at the bottom of the spool and as it wrapped around the list actually started at the top of the spool.
I then got decorative scrapbook circles and attached them to the end of the ribbon (where I tied the knot) and put the kids name on them!
We hung them on the tree!!  I am hoping that we have started a new tradition with this and this will be our first ornaments to put on the tree every year!

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