Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Window Clings

Here is another great Christmas decoration idea.  I found this idea online…I knew my kids weren’t quite old enough to do it themselves this year but I wanted to try it to make sure it worked and it did!!

An easy way to make fun window clings – simply take dimensional fabric paint  (I was making snowflakes so I used white and silver glitter paint).  Make your design on wax paper and let dry overnight.  (If you need to you can draw your design on a piece of paper and place under your wax paper).  After you let it dry for about 24 hours simply peel it away from the wax paper and stick on the window.  It will cling to the window!!

Here are the snowflakes I made.


We will definitely be doing these every year (I don’t think I will try to save them…I don’t think they will survive the summer heat in the attic) and I am already thinking of ideas for other seasons that we can do with these since they are so easy and so cool!  We could do hearts for valentines, eggs and bunnies for Easter, flags and fireworks for 4th of July, etc… Oh the possibilities are endless!

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  1. Oh cute! So you used fabric paint?? I wonder if puffy paint or even white glue would work...? I'd love to try this out, too!