Friday, December 11, 2009

Seth’s Week In Review

Seth had a pretty good week this week!  As far as school, we are going to be a bit laxed until after Christmas!  We are too busy making Christmas decorations, and presents, and just having fun!

We are still striving to do a bit of school every day though.  We worked alot on our counting this week (Seth is still working at counting  group of objects…learning how to make sure that each object gets counted and that it only gets counted once).  We also worked on our phonics – concentrating on beginning sounds of words.  He is doing very well with this.

We were busy, like I said, working on Christmas decorations.  Here are a couple of pictures from that.

IMG_0232_thumb IMG_0235_thumb

We are using our nativity scene for our Raising Rockstar lessons this month.  This week we set up the nativity scene as we read Luke’s account of the birth of Jesus in the bible.


We also had fun decorating the Christmas tree and getting some really good pictures in the process!

IMG_0154 IMG_0183 IMG_0242 IMG_0256 IMG_0287

Seth is getting so big!  It is so hard to believe that he is approaching 5 years old (in March).  We are planning on having a great big 5 year old birthday party!!

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