Monday, December 7, 2009

Making Our Christmas Decorations

We had a busy day today putting up, along with making new, Christmas decorations.  Below are pictures and instructions for the decorations we made!

We made 2 different kinds of Christmas trees. For the first one I took a cone-shaped floral cone and wrapped it with green felt.  We wrapped a red pipe cleaner and a shiny green ribbon around it.  I then had the boys take colored ball pointed straight pins and stick them through the foam for ornaments.  They boys enjoyed this because it was easy for them to do :-).  We then took pom poms and pinned them to the top of the tree and a few more around the tree for added effect.


For the 2nd tree I took a green pipe cleaner and folded it in half and twisted it.  I then took other pieces of pipe cleaner and twisted them around the first piece to make branches.  I stuck the tree in a piece of floral foam.  I then had the boys put plastic beads on the branches for ornaments.  We put a sequence star on the top.


Here are some pictures of the finished trees (on top of the piano mixed in with other decorations).


Another thing we did was take some mini foil muffin cups (red and green) and cut a hole in the middle and put them on Christmas lights to give the lights a glow.  Really the only thing the boys could do for this one is point to where they thought I should put them.  They really turned out cool…with all the lights out they have a pretty cool glowing effect.


I tried to get some pictures without the flash to capture the glowing effect…these pictures really didn’t capture the effect…but they kind of looked cool anyways :-)

Another thing we made was an ornament wreath.  I bought some pretty red balls (some were shiny and some were glittery).  The site where I found the idea said to use a wire coat hanger…but I can never get those to work very well…plus I don’t think I had enough ornaments to fill one of those…so I just used heavy guage floral wire.  I twisted two pieces together to get the size circle I wanted.  We then put on the ornaments (this was actually a good simple patterning lesson…and Aaron did very well with it…he would hand me a shiny one saying “shiny” and then a glittery one saying “gitter”.  I would ask him what was next and most of the time he gave me the correct one!  I was so proud).

Now my wreath looks more like a pile of ornaments instead of  a circle…but I still think it looks pretty :-)


I was so excited when I opened one of our decoration boxes!  I had totally forgotten that we had made garland for our tree last year until I saw it in the box!!  It brought back memories of last year!!  It made me even more excited about this tradition we are starting of making seasonal decorations to enjoy every year!

(this garland was simply a foam bead kit that came with the stringing wire and plastic needle!  We bought two kits and it made enough garland to wrap our 6 1/2 ft tree.)


And don’t you love Alyssa’s stocking?  If you didn’t catch the post about us making this stocking then click here to go see it…it includes a giveaway for a Creativity For Kids kit (any kit you would like to try)


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