Friday, December 11, 2009

Tot School – Getting Ready For Christmas


Aaron is currently 29 months old

We aren’t doing much of regular “tot school” this month…but we are having fun learning experiences through making Christmas decorations, Christmas presents and just having some good ol Christmas fun!!

We made a lot of Christmas decorations this week.  We made two different types of Christmas tree decorations.

For one we put felt around a foam cone and then Aaron stuck ball pointed straight pins in the foam for the ornaments.  He really enjoyed doing this one because he was able to do it all by himself.


We also made pipe cleaner trees and stuck beads on them for ornaments.  He had a little bit of trouble doing this but he sure tried hard!


We read Luke’s account of the birth of Jesus from the bible while we set up our nativity scene.


Aaron proved to me that he can do simple patterning as we made our ornament ball wreath.  I wanted to thread our ornaments by doing a shiny one and then a glittery one.  Aaron was handing the ornaments to me…saying “shiny”, “glitter”… and was doing a very good job keeping them in the right pattern.  I was so impressed!

IMG_0248_thumb IMG_0249_thumb

As a family we enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree and got some really fun pictures in the process!


IMG_0154 IMG_0211  IMG_0279 IMG_0290 IMG_0321 

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  1. I really like the foam tree idea. Next year I think that will be a big hit with my little one...(I am still a little leary about sharp objects for her. I must get over my fears!)

  2. I love the foam tree! Such a fun idea!