Sunday, December 6, 2009

Seth’s Week In Review


Seth had a good week this week!  As far as school we are continuing to work on some really good phonics and math workbooks.  Seth is getting better and better with writing his letters.  I really wish I could find those pencil grips that help kids hold their pencil right.  I have had no luck finding them.  If you know where I could find some please let me know!

We also worked on our sight words – we worked on go, for and me.

On Thursday night we went to a parade of lights in one of the towns we live near.  It was very cold out that night so we sat in the back of our vehicle bundled up in coats and blankets to enjoy the parade!  I made some hot cocoa that we took with us to enjoy! Seth loved yelling out “Merry Christmas” to all the floats going by.

AOn Friday night our church had our annual Christmas banquet.  Since Daddy was out of town Seth got to be my special date.  He looked so grown up and acted like such a gentleman!

Here are some other Christmas pictures we got of Seth this week.

_MG_6989 _MG_7002 IMG_6820

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