Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tot School – Life School


We had a lot of life school this week!  Daddy was out of town the last half of the week so Mommy tried to come up with some fun ideas for the boys to do!

On Thursday night we went to the Parade of Lights in one of the towns we live near.  It was very cold out that night so we sat in the back of our vehicle bundled up in coats and blankets to enjoy the parade!  I made some hot cocoa that we took with us to enjoy!  Aaron loves him some hot cocoa!!

This was his favorite float – a great big tow truck covered in lights!!  It don’t get much better than that for a 2 year old little boy!!  :-)

We are slowly getting our Christmas tree and decorations up!  In fact this week we are going to work on making a bunch of decorations :-)  Aaron got to help me set up the tree while Daddy and Seth were running an errand (we just set the tree up…waiting to do the ornaments when the whole family can help…since Daddy had to go out of town we have still NOT finished the tree – I am hoping we can finish it tomorrow night!!!)

Anyways – I decided Aaron could put an ornament on…he had to find just the right spot…

And then this was Aaron when I told him the ornament was suppose to stay on the tree…it wasn’t a toy for him to play with….(gotta love 2 year olds!)

Here are some Christmas pictures we got this week of Aaron!!!

_MG_7049 _MG_7055

_MG_6837 _MG_6989

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  1. Your tree turned out great. We decorated ours too last week. Hopefully, I will be able to post about it soon.