Friday, January 15, 2010

Seth’s Week In Review

After a few weeks off for Christmas and all of us being sick the first week in January we finally got back to school this week and we had a great week!

We are working on implementing a new schedule!   I think we are finally finding a schedule that works for us!

My mom got the boys new desks for Christmas which we all LOVE!!  They love having their own space!!  The desks are just perfect!

We also got a Wii for Christmas which we are all loving!  In fact I have implemented a PE time on the Wii every day into our school schedule.  Seth is impressing me at how well he is able to do some of the games!  He is soon going to be beating me!!


Seth got to work on some new Thomas the Tank Engine workbooks he got this week!!  We practiced our numbers, counting, sequencing, practicing writing our letters, and working on our phonics.

This picture didn’t come out as good as I hoped.  I wanted you to see his 3.  He was so excited.  He has been having trouble writing his 3’s until he figured out that it is like a backwards capital E.

The boys enjoyed playing outside this week!  We have had unusually cold weather the past few weeks and have been cooped up inside a lot.  This week the temps were closer to normal for this time of year and the boys enjoyed the sunshine!  (of course rain came in Thursday and Friday).


Seth learned some new chores to do around the house this week!  He loves his whisk broom and dust pan set that I found on the $1 aisle at Target!  He is really good at sweeping up trash off the floor!


Seth also enjoyed putting together some new puzzles that he got!


The boys got a lot of kitchen toys for Christmas!!  I set up one day the living room so that they could go shopping at the grocery store (aka the couch) and then cook in their kitchens (aka the recliners).  I was going to have them do this for 30 minutes!!  They were having so much fun and so engaged in it that they played this for an hour!!  Mommy was able to get caught up on some computer work!!  :-)


On another n0te: I have made a decision on the kindergarten curriculum I am going to use in the fall for Seth.  We are going to use the My Father’s World curriculum!!   I am so excited about this!!  I am hoping to be able to order it in the spring so that I will have plenty of time to go through it and prepare!!

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