Sunday, January 31, 2010

Seth’s Week In Review

Seth had a good week in school this week.  He has been begging me to teach him how to tell time so we worked on that this week.  We learned about the hour hand and the minute hand and how to tell time when the minute hand is on the 12 or the 6.

Seth also counted to 100 this week and we learned to count by 10.  We also learned about counting pennies and dimes this week.

We also worked on our sight words this week.  We worked on the words the and is.

Here are some picture highlights from the week.

The boys are loving PE on the Wii.  I sent them on a long run one day…they had some bottled up energy they needed to release :-)

Daddy put them all in the big dump truck to go for a ride.  They had a lot of fun with that!

Seth is a true goof ball!!

Here’s a picture of Seth working on his Sight Words workbook.  (his poor hair…he has a major cow lick…but we got his hair cut on Friday so that solved that problem!)

The boys are still loving their desks and doing school in the kitchen :-)

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