Friday, January 15, 2010

Tot School – A New Year


Aaron is currently 30 months old.

Well I know it has been a while since I have made a tot school post.  We had a wonderful Christmas break though!  Just didn’t have time to blog :-)

We got back to schooling this week.  We are working on a new schedule and we are having fun with all of the new resources we got for Christmas :-)

My mom got the boys new desks for Christmas and they love them!!  We all love having more room and Aaron especially loves to have his own space and to be able to easily color his pages and do his work without having to sit on his knees or be confined to his booster chair in order to reach the table :-)

One of the things we got for Christmas is a Wii and we love it!!  Even the boys are able to do some of the games.  We have worked in a PE time on the Wii into our daily school routine!   I think this will really help to teach Aaron coordination!


Aaron got a new shape sorter (it also has nesting cups as well to learn sequencing) for Christmas.  This week we worked on trying to learn the name of each shape while we were figuring out what hole they fit in.

Aaron was playing with this while I was working with Seth on some school work.  Aaron kept yelling “I did it!”.  When I finally turned my head to watch him do it I realized he was taking off the whole lid and putting the shape inside and then putting the lid back on and yelling “I did it”.  That little stinker!!

The boys loved being able to play outside this week!!  We have been having unusually cold weather the past few weeks and the boys haven’t been able to get out much.  But this week was more like normal and they loved getting out in the sunshine!

Aaron has also learned how to swing in a “big boy swing” all by himself!!  He is growing up way too fast!!


Aaron is also learning some new chores to do around the house!!  I found whisk broom and dust pan sets on the $1 aisle at Target this week!!  Aaron loves going around and sweeping up trash off the floor!


Aaron enjoyed doing some paint with water this week!


He also loved playing with some new puzzles he got for Christmas.


The boys got a lot of kitchen toys for Christmas!!  Aaron even got a shopping cart which he loves! I set up one day the living room so that they could go shopping at the grocery store (aka the couch) and then cook in their kitchens (aka the recliners).  I was going to have them do this for 30 minutes!!  They were having so much fun and so engaged in it that they played this for an hour!!  Mommy was able to get caught up on some computer work!!  :-)


One of the toys they got was the Melissa and Doug Wooden Cutting Food Set!!  This is an AWESOME toy!  They are in love with it and being able to cut their food!!  Since it only came with one wooden knife (and due to price I only bought one set for them to share) I found a small plastic spatula in my kitchen stuff that also works well for a knife.

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  1. Great activities this week. I like the new desks:)

  2. Looks like a fun week! The new desks are great, and they sure look like they are having fun!