Monday, January 25, 2010

Seth’s Week In Review

I know this is late…and not only is it late, I was BAD about getting pictures last week!  Ugh!!

But what matters is the fact that we had a good week!  Seth really did well in school last week.  We  focused alot on beginning letter sounds.  He is getting really good at recognizing beginning letter sounds. 

We also worked on our sight words.  We reviewed words we have already learned and Seth did very well remembering his words.  We also introduced the word THE and worked on exercises to help learn that word.

We also worked on our counting skills.  Seth is still having to learn how to accurately count objects.  He continually shows improvement in this area!

I did get a couple of pictures of Seth working on puzzles.  We worked on puzzles a lot this last week.  Seth is really starting to enjoy puzzles and learning how to figure out how they go together.


I will try to do better this week at getting pictures.  The problem is I am too busy actually working and playing with my kids to pause to get the camera.  I am trying to make sure my focus is on my kids and NOT on trying to get pictures for a blog.  But I know yall enjoy the pictures so I will try to get them when I can.

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