Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tot School


Aaron is currently 30 months old.

Aaron had a pretty good week…except for getting sick at the end of the week with this upper respiratory junk that has been going around :-(.

Here are some picture highlights from the week.

The boys are still  loving the Wii (well as long as Aaron has a remote that is…we are really having to work on our fits and learning how to take turns!)  In this picture they were going on a long run (to release some bottled up energy!)

The kids loved playing with Daddy this week.  They helped Daddy with his exercises one night.

This was actually an activity we did as part of our Raising Rockstar lessons but Aaron really enjoyed this activity of lacing yarn around this lion.  I just took a zoo pal plate and punched holes around the edges and then cut a piece of yarn.  I taped one end of the yarn to the back of the plate.  Aaron tried real hard to get the yarn in those holes!

Aaron doesn’t always like me taking his picture.  (in fact I haven’t been getting as many pictures because I don’t want the kids to think I am doing something with them just so I can get a picture and put it on the blog.  I am trying to make sure my focus stays where it needs to be…on them!)

Aaron is really enjoying coloring right now.  He likes it when him and I color a picture together.  I am trying to teach him his colors as we work on a page together…I know one day he will finally get it!  :-)

We are also working on our left and right every time we get dressed or put our shoes and socks on.  I think he is starting to grasp it!

And we are starting to talk about the potty and what we are suppose to do in the potty!  I am hoping that I will maybe, hopefully, have him potty trained by the time we go on our cruise at the end of June.  He turns 3 on July 6th so it is very possible :-)  I just have a feeling he is going to be a stubborn one!

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  1. Great week! And, I totally hear you about taking pictures of the kids while they're working. I've definitely stepped back and focused more on just working WITH Maddie. I'll take a picture of the activity as it's laid out, and sometimes an "after" pic, but I'm really trying to NOT photograph her AS she works. I'm sure it'd irritate ME if someone was always trying to take my picture when I was concentrating! Ha!

    Love the lacing activity. We've yet to try any of those but I keep meaning to.