Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Oh wow!  I just looked at the blog and realized that I didn't get a single post up on our week about us.  In looking in the camera I didn't get any pictures either!  It's not that we didn't enjoy our lessons - we did. It was just kind of an off week with Halloween and family coming up for the the weekend and everything.

Also, we have done a lot of concentration over the past couple of years about how God made us and our ears, eyes, I just really didn't get too much into this lesson.  We did do our reading lessons and our math lessons (the parts that I usually don't take pictures of or blog about anyways).

But after two sick days due to Seth having strep throat - we have started our dinosaur lesson!  Now this lesson may take a bit more time to get through because of my sons love of dinosaurs and the many different things I have found for us to do!  So we are just going to take our time and have fun with it!

Today we read the book that came with the curriculum on what really happened to the dinosaurs! I LOVE THIS BOOK!  (and by this post and I am admitting that no I didn't read it before this lesson).  I about fell out when I discovered that it is from the Institute of Creation Research!  I ran in and told Daniel and asked him if this was the same place in Glen Rose that we love to go to.  He said yes and who was the author? I said Jim Morris!  He said "don't you realize that is the same person that wrote the commentary on your bible that you love?!"  It just had not clicked with me!!

If you haven't seen or heard of this book you really need to check it out!  I think it does a very good job giving a biblical explanation of dinosaurs!  We will be reading this book for years to come!

Watch out for a few posts from this lessons!!  We are also using this lesson as a chance to get some Christmas presents made (my nephew loves dinosaurs as well!!)

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