Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We are loving our octopus lesson!!!

I am so sorry for not posting like I usually do! We have gotten a little bit behind on school due to the kids being sick (we had cases of strep throat and fever spread out over a 2 week period).  So we have been focused on getting caught up on the important stuff (like our reading and handwriting lessons)...which are not so much the fun stuff to blog about :-)  We finally finished our dinosaur lesson and we are now into our octopus lessons!

I have to share this video (from with yall (if you are receiving this post through your email the video probably is not showing in the will have to go to the blog (click on the title on the body of the email) to view the video!

My boys LOVED this video.  They are absolutely in love with octopuses after viewing this video!  They are wanting to learn more and more about them!

We have also made yarn octopuses.  This project was from the Familyfun site and you can click here to get instructions.

Since my kids are young there wasn't much they could do by themselves with this project but I did my best to get them to help where I could!  And even though it was a lot of work for me the LOVED the end result and that's all that matters, right?  And we had fun doing it and talked about octopuses while we were doing it so I think the project was a success!  (and hopefully the tacky glue holds up and I am not constantly gluing eyes back on!)

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