Monday, November 8, 2010

More Dinosaurs!!

We are having an awesome time taking our time going through our Dinosaur lessons!!  Of course I have Aaron's attention right now because he loves dinosaurs!!

Here are a couple of more things we have done!

I found this really cool dinosaur craft book at the library!  It has some really neat crafts in it!

 Today we made the paper cup dinosaurs.  Now I didn't have actual paper cups (and it would have probably worked a lot better with paper cups) so we did the best we could with our little plastic disposable cups.

Here are boys working on painting their dinosaurs.

Here are the boys dinosaurs.

We also followed the activity in the curriculum book where we read a picture book about dinosaurs and then the boys chose two they really liked and drew them.  Seth wanted the book open so that he could refer to the picture to know how to draw his.

Since we had green paint left over from painting our cup dinosaurs Seth decided he wanted to paint a dinosaur on a piece of paper.

Here is his made up dinosaur - he said it was a stegasaurus with lots of legs and lots of spikes.

Tomorrow we are planning on making a fun dinosaur puppet!!  And our clay dinosaurs are almost dry and ready to be painted!!  (I will post about them when we get them all finished!! (-: )

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