Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Seeking Jesus this CHRISTmas Season

I recently purchased 'My Faith Box' for each of my children!  If you have not heard of this click here to find out more!  This is an AWESOME notebook put together for you to journal your children's spiritual journey!

This notebook has a section on wonderful ideas to do at the different holidays during the year.  I fell in love with one of the ideas in the Christmas section and we started a new tradition this year!

One of the ideas was an idea to help keep the true focus of Christmas - seeking the Christ child.  The idea is to, at the beginning of the Christmas season, put your nativity scene up.  Make this a family event.

Focus on the Baby Jesus and why his birth is so important.  Emphasize that he is the reason for the season.

And then every day during the Christmas season hide the baby Jesus and have your kids go find him.  It is an every day reminder that we are to continually seek Christ during this season.

(our first hiding spot)

As soon as I read this idea in that book I knew this was a tradition that we were definitely going to start!  What an awesome object lesson!!

And I wanted to go ahead and blog about it today in case you would like to start this tradition this year as well!  :-)

God bless!

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