Thursday, November 18, 2010

We are loving octopuses!

We are ALL enjoying learning about octopuses!  They are such fascinating creatures! I am even learning quite a bit :-)  I did not know that they spend 5 months in a cave hidden from the world guarding their eggs.  They do not eat or sleep during this time...they watch over their babies the entire time!  When the babies hatch they leave the cave but the momma octopus never leaves the cave again...she is so weak from the 5 months of not eating that she just stays in the cave until she dies!  That just fascinated me - her purpose in life is to prepare for the next generation.

Anyways...the boys are loving hearing how they can move so fast through the water and how they can grab items with their little 'suction cups' and how they spit out ink to protect themselves!

We made hand octopuses!  The boys had fun with this!

Here's Seth's finished picture!  I LOVE IT!!  It is in a prized spot on the fridge now!  :-)

Oh and the curriculum gave plans for you to go on an 'ocean outing' - either to actually visit an ocean or an aquarium.  Of course as much as I love the beach we don't live close enough :-(  When I was originally planning my lessons I wanted us to use this as a chance to check out the new Children's Aquarium of Dallas, but with everything that has been going on lately, it just didn't seem feasible.  But I do hope that we will be able to go in the pretty near future :-)  I gave the idea to our co-op, so maybe we will able to go as a co-op field trip soon!

But, since we weren't going to be able to do a field trip we did the next best thing - we watched Finding Nemo :-)  I had the boys try to point out all the different types of ocean creatures in the movie (and there are a bunch!)

Seth noted that the baby octopus was just like our book had said!  When octopuses are babies their tentacles are not very long at all and the little octopus on the movie had little legs...therefore he really was a baby octopus!  (I was glad to get affirmation that Seth does listen sometimes!)

Tomorrow is our last day of co-op classes for the fall semester and then we will pick back up on octopuses on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

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